Using Podcast as Marketing Tool

Podcasting is the new form of communication that has all the tools and power to attract buyers and prospective customers. If you are a marketer and you have not yet thought of using podcast resource, then, there’s a loophole in your marketing strategy.

Podcasting for Marketing – The Vision

Having said that, it is highly important to note that most customers, nowadays, will prefer to have a relationship with their new service provider or product supplier. To this effect, having a dedicated platform of engagement is one of the option that make this new school of marketing thought possible.

Types of Podcasts

Considering this school of thoughts, there two main channels of podcasting or should I say formats of podcasting that can be very fruitful when considering Podcast for marketing.

1. Audio only and

2, Audio-visual formats.

Anyone of these formats has multiple distribution channels that makes it even more possible for broader marketing reach. Hence the options are always measured through the kinds of products or services that one is marketing.

However it is, using podcast as one of your main marketing platforms has all the benefits you expected from your marketing channels and even more. Have a look at this Business Podcast Promotion.

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