Stovaz Playfield Boutique! Hipster Fashion Store Now Opened

Stovaz Playfield has come to fill up a vacuum of street-styled fashion sense that would combine musical talents with fashion sense to create a shop that caters for people with love for hip hop music, rap music and the general pop culture. 

Stovaz Playfield is a subsidiary of Morgeez Records, your urban music record labels. This simply spells a pleasant approach for urban fashion been distributed within the ranks.

What to expect from the Stovaz Playfield Store?

Since we are a baby of Morgeez Records, the direction should be based strictly on hiphop and Rap culture apparel but behold, we are more than that.

The Stovaz Playfield shop will combine streetwear with elegance. This will enable us bring you from bottom to top quality fashion gears that will quench the taste for mixture of work, play and style. In summary, this is what Stovaz Playfield is set out to achieve. Curating the brands that tells your stories and showcases your identities. 

Fashionable identity focus at Stovaz Playfield 

In a clear cut  definition of fashion approach, Stovaz Playfield will deal with both street-styled fashion with a combination of elegance that speaks to the reality lifestyle of pop culture. 

We will be curating the fashion that every superstar would want to get attached to for all their events and more.  This is gonna be a hybrid urban, hip hop and Rap culture boutique. 

Why we are busy stocking up on our shelves, we welcome you to pay us a visit, and send us your orders by submitting or inquiries form. Check us out here


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