Happy 2022 ! Lets Help You Set up Your Online Store Now!

Hello, Vendors of MarketPlace Africa,

2022 is here and the year is looking very promising already as we are now witnessing the lifting of lockdowns restrictions. The business will hopefully start to thrive at a faster pace. So don’t be left out of this imminent boom.

Selling online is now the new norm and it’s only just the beginning of the online marketing era. So be ready and be part of it and make sure it is working for you. This is why Marketplace Africa is here for you.

You have taken the initiative to complete the first step that is, registering on MarketPlace Africa. Now is the most important step, to begin setting up your store to reflect the Genuity of your business.

Once setup is complete, then you can now upload your products and start selling. All this you can complete by yourself. But if you need our advice and help, our vendors’ helper can assist you set up and loading your products. Then the only thing you have to do after that; is start selling. That’s all.

If you would like to be helped professionally in setting up your online store, click here to learn more about our seller assist program now.

You are welcome to ask us any questions anytime. Welcome to MarketPlace Africa, once and again, and Welcome to 2022 the prosperous year ahead of us all!


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