Selling and Getting Paid

MarketPlace Africa takes the issue of security and trust very seriously. We have adopted the policy of being involved in all transactions between vendors and customers at the MarketPlace so that all trading can be fully guaranteed in trust. This is to totally eradicate any form of corruption and totally avoid any fraudulent attempt or transaction all together.


As a Vendor, you signup to the MarketPlace, once your application is activated, you star adding products or services immediately for sale. You products are displayed for shoppers and site visitors including other vendors and site users. A customer purchase your product by placing an order. Our system sends you notification on your new order. The MarketPlace Admin receives the notification and followup with you immediately.

Assuming you had initially submitted your product at our warehouse, the MarkePlace Admin a.k.a HubEye, will process the order for shipment instantly. Should incase your product is not in our warehouse as at the time of the order placement by customer, we will follow up with you to get the product to our warehouse immediately not later than 26hours so that we can process and ship to customer. But should you decide to ship order directly to customer, you confirm via email to us and HubEye will notify customer of estimated time of shipment. We strongly recommend orders are shipped immediately payment of purchase is confirmed from customer by HubEye.

How Customer or Buyer Pays

For safety and security and to totally avoid any form of fraudulent sales and transactions, buyers pay directly to the MarketPlace through all the available payment method on checkout.

Getting Paid as a Seller

If you are a registered individual seller or vendor, that is, sellers who are independent not a regular trader otherwise refers to as hawkers as well, You can get paid on the sale of an individual item provided from the date of sale, payment and shipment to customer, 30days has elapsed. This is to ensure, customer has confirmed reception of goods and transaction has being marked 'successful'.

Payment Transfer

Upon successful truncations and the 30days has encased as stipulated above, seller can now request payment from HubEye. Payment are requested via sellers, registered email as it appears on seller shop, on the paypal email address row. Payment will either be sent to your paypal account or EFT to your provided and authorized bank account.


As in our policy, MarketPlace Africa is entitled to 10% of all sales depending on products categories and percentage calculations.

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