Customer Complaints Policy


We value our customers and respect their opinions. In the event that a customer comes to you with a complaint, please do the following:

Listen and respond respectfully. If you are not working in Customer Service, please refer the customer to Customer Service. If the complaint is via phone, give the customer the appropriate Customer Service number, and then offer to forward the call.

If you are working in Customer Service, listen and respond respectfully to the customer, whether via phone or in person, and thank the customer for reporting the issue.

Log the complaint into our system via the established form. Make sure you get all the details.

Discuss the options you are authorized to offer for fixing the problem.  If you cannot resolve the problem immediately, explain to the customer that you will resolve the issue as quickly as possible and get back to them. Then refer the complaint to the party who can resolve it.

Make sure that you or the party to whom you passed the complaint calls the customer in a timely manner (within 48 hours) to offer an apology or a voucher for a free product or service.

Ask if the customer is satisfied and record the result in our tracking system.

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