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what is marketplace africaMarketPlace Africa is an online trading place. Think your normal shopping mall where you have all sorts of shops and store including business sections where there are offices and professional service quarters. MarketPlace Africa is a meeting point for all trading and business activities on the African Continent. One of our main goal is to provide the means where startups, small businesses and even Fortune 500 companies are able to do business together in highly secured online mall.

MarketPlace Africa, also at the same time offers social communities features where buyers and sellers, business people and customers can interact freely to negotiate and close deals.

There are many online shops , for multi vendors, traders, sellers, customers etc. There are many websites for coupon, deal sites, for magazines. products reviews etc, but there's absolutely none like Marketplace Africa. From the ground up, MarketPlace Africa is born out of the passion and vision for a reliable continental marketplace where all kinds of goods and services can be bought and sold across the continent, in the most secure and reliable transaction.

Elevate your Business

Maintain good standing and gain customers confidence.

Functions of the MarketPlace

  • Promote and sell technological products and innovations
  • Promote and sell agricultural produce
  • Promote and sell African Fashion and Fabrics
  • Promote and trade general goods and services
  • Promote Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Promote Deals
  • Promote innovative goods such as softwares and Apps.
  • Market Digital Goods
  • Offer professional services - a place for service providers to showcase their services to customers and lock deals.


Create promotional deals on products and services


All transactions are monitored by our trusted admin to ensure safety, trust and delivery.

Delivery Support

We ensure orders are promptly delivered either by you or we pickup and deliver to your customers.

Get Promoted

Your shop is shown to millions of visitors to the MarketPlace as our marketing ensures maximum outreach


We made it a strong point to ensure every transaction on MarketPlace Africa is transparent, honest and reliable.


  • Easily create and manage your shop
  • Unlimited products listing
  • Unlimited projects listing
  • Great products reviews
  • Carry your shop with you anywhere you go
  • Submit great deals, coupons and promotions

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