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Save your money on marketing. Save money on setting up a store. Create your shop in minutes and start selling online today!.

Reduced overheads Cost

Online store costs less to set up and run than a physical shop, although it’s important to recognise that making e-commerce work requires continuing investment.

Hence we have provided the platform for you to run your business and sell your products online at MarketPlace Africa for that reduced cost so your can experience growth unlimited.

Expanded Your Geographical Reach

Sell Locally
Get known in your province
Sell Nationally
Break the African Market
Reach Global Audience
Save Money on Marketing
Responding to your Business needs!

The world is fast changing and everything has seem more and more digital than ever before. We all know the tight economic situation brewing around the world. We all also knew that many wise traders and customers alike, turns to the internet for buying and selling of any kind of goods and services. So many big brand names like the ones below has successfully helped millions of traders and shoppers in their respective countries and around the world.

Hence our unique response to the ever growing needs of African traders and consumers, is this all powerful platform called MarketPlace Africa. This is the meeting port for all African businesses and customers. Local goods and services are expose to the world. Local and international customers are able to have access to all kinds of goods and services produced and offered in the continent.  Join us now and let us all grow together in this continent we loved so much and call home.

Benefits of Creating Your Shop Now.

When you join the MarketPlace Africa Mall as a Trader or Buyer, as a Service Provider or Customer, you have nothing to loose. Its absolutely a win-win situation. The platform provides every opportunity for you to do business in a highly secured and trusted environment.

Open for business 24/7

Automated order enables sales to be made any time, and customers can buy when it suits them. Vendors are also able to process sales accordingly round the clock.

Enjoy maximum exposure

With great search engine optimisation and online promotion, you online shop becomes more accessible to customers searching for your products. anywhere else in the world.

Maximum flexibility

Your online store can be updated instantly and as often as you like – for example, to promote a ‘deal of the day’ on your front page, without the need for expensive printed display material.

Tell people about your business

You have the ability to tell more people about your business buy simply directing them to your shop at the MarketPlace. this is particularly valuable when an online store operates alongside a physical point of sale outlet.

Broader potential customer base

Your e-commerce business is an additional buying channel, capable of attracting customers who have not bought before. You are able to attract customers beyond your local region.

Great marketing channel

Your online store can support your digital marketing efforts by including customer reviews and testimonials. You are able to associate your online store to all your social media networks.

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