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There’s no doubt that the African market is a haven for the manufacturers and distributors including marketers who know how to tap into this vast market place. The massive population of well over a billion people occupying up to 51 countries is well crafted geographical location suitable for the distribution of various goods and services.

Nearly every products and services that reach the shores of Africa, is well consumed. And products and service providers who had taken the initiatives are always a step ahead of their pears when it comes to ROI. Hence this is one zone you don’t want to miss when considering your global marketing plan.

Reaching Out to Customers Across the African Continent

This article is not meant to broadcast our ego but its simply a call to product manufacturers and marketers alike to take advantage of the immense opportunity that lies ahead of them on the African Continent.

Secondly, this is a reminder to those who are already trading in Africa to reinvent the wheels and find the necessary means to consolidate their gains over their years of existence on the African continent through a formidable outreach program and platform like MarketPlace Africa.

The platform is made to help simplify the marketing process and procedures. This is a simple means to facilitate connection between you and your target customers within the continent. This is MarketPlace Africa a platform built to match consumers and suppliers in the African context.

Adding Value to Livelihood through the Use of MarketPlace Africa

The MarketPlace Africa Platform is pioneered by Morgeez Media Agency. A company passionate about expansion of trades and interest in progressive ventures within the African continent.

The platform main goal is to connect global manufacturers to continental manufacturers and find a common ground to share ideas and products or services that can make the-much needed differences in the lives of the African people. 

Basically, our focused dream is to add value to livelihoods across the African continent by bridging the trade gap and most of all empowering the African people with creative and innovative goods and services that are made locally or internationally.

How to Trade in MarketPlace Africa

The first step to entering into Marketplace Africa as a manufacturer, distributor or marketer whether small or big business is to simply create your free account.

Once your have login, you can then apply to become a Vendor and this is also free as well. Your vendor account is free as well and instantly created.

Now that you are a vendor, you will now be able to setup your shop. (Think how you setup your physical shop…). Once you are finished setting up your shop, you can now add your products or services. All of this is done within minutes.

Who Can Trade in MarketPlace Africa

There’s no measuring stick as to who can trade in MarketPlace Africa when it comes to business sizes. This platform is opened to informal traders, small to medium businesses to the manufacturers, small to large distributors and marketers etc.

Also to note that anyone, anywhere in the world can trade at Marketplace Africa. Just ensure your business is legitimate and your goods and services are as displayed in your shop. Then you are good to go. Without further ado, simply click here to get started.


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