How to sell online without Website

Selling online is now one of the most exciting venture any trader or business service can ever embark on in recent times. The internet era has made it extremely easy for every business to reach out to customers and clients far and wide. However, most people are yet to cash-in on this very great opportunity.

But do you really think there’s how to sell online without website? Can you trade successfully without your own website? In very recent times, the social media being a part of the internet resource has grown to offer many trading or business services. The question everyone is asking is that using or depending on social media to sell your products and services, is it really enough? Does selling on social media bring you the much expected results?

Considering Selling Online

As a small business, there are quite a few factors to consider while trying to sell online. The obvious place to start these days is to use the opportunity created by most of the giant social media platforms like facebook and others to display your products in the shop facility that they have attached to your social profile. This is great. But over the years, I have observed a huge shift in customers attitude towards using these platforms as your main source of online trade. Simply because social platforms are built for mainly, social engagements and interactions, the idea and hope to build a successful online retail business from these platforms becomes even more difficult as customers finds it hard to put their trust on: 

1. Your products
2. Your business
3. Yourself as the seller.

While you might be a small business trying hard to push your business to a greater heights, the fears and trust issues of potential customers on these platforms, are quite understandable too. There has being vast and widespread reports of scams and insincere business practices by unscrupulous elements within those communities that makes genuine customers hold on to their cash due to lack of trust.

 After a thorough review, I have come to the realization that selling online will require some little more commitment from your part as a small business than just posting products and services on social media. It will require an inevitable and already known fact that every business needs a website to have a space on the internet space. Think the internet as the world, your country and your location. Where you need to rent or buy a piece of land or build a habitable house to stay and a place you call your own. Great ! idea.

How to Start Selling Online

But if you are unable to build your own house on your own piece of land as yet, what do you do? You seek a rental space or accommodation as for dwelling, or for offering your business. So this means you have to approach some reliable and genuine property agents or directly approach some landlords who already have certified properties to rent at a budget mostly affordable to you. So you can have a space or a place where you live, or operate your business from. This is how it is. And I guessed you already know these facts way before I do. LOL. Yep! Once your have secured your rental agreement, then your housing agent or landlord, will then hand you keys to your renting property. By so doing, people now have a place to call yours either as for your business or dwelling. This means you now have a physical address and anyone with traceable physical address, is bound to be trusted than the opposite. At the end of the day, every business transactions, whether buying and selling or providing services, trust is the keyword and watchword. This is what people seek first even before thinking of negotiating any kind of deal with you. This is the trust that you will build upon your honesty in business, your commitment to your business and most of all in, most cases, your association and location.

What is really Required to Sell Online

I am not a business expert nor a lecturer in business courses, but some of the elements that form the basis for progress have their signs everywhere in our lives.

So selling online, will require this commitment, this certified and trusted location, this honesty and most of all this trust. This is where MarketPlace Africa, Africa’s premium online mall is born out of the passion and desire to create a reliable and trustworthy online platform where products vendors or sellers including wholesale can meet their prospective buyers in a well organised and dedicated online platform that is well built on trust, managed by honest people to effect delivery in the most reliable business environment. This is what MarketPlace Africa is all about.

Taking your business online and to the next level shouldn’t be stressful with the bundles of back-end admins that comes with your own personal website. So taking the initiative to create your won store at MarketPlace Africa and start selling immediately, will ensure the trust that you long been searching for. Customers loyalty will follow and your business can take a new progressive turn. In a nutshell, MarketPlace Africa is the answer to your trusted, reliable and growth oriented online business. Go to selling departments. Start now! Open your store and start selling today!

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