Shipping Policy

When you place an order on marketplaceafrica.co.za and its subdomains, it is fulfilled by brand(s), vendors or sellers you placed the order. Shipping time, shipping method, and shipping fee may vary by each brand.

Our order process is

Verify  Vendor Fulfillment  Payment  Delivery


At the time when you place an order, your credit card is not charged but only verified. To verify we check the state of the Company address and the shipping address. If the state/provinces of these two addresses don’t match, you may not be able to make the purchase as its a matter of security check that we match the addresses. If the state of these two address match, then we check the state of billing address of the card you are using to make the purchase. If it does not match, and there is no previous order fulfilled with the same card, there will be a hold on order. In this case MarketPlace Africa representative will contact you asking for a copy of your ID, a copy of your business license, and credit card authorization form for you to fill out and sign. Once your information is verified, we will release your order to the brand(s) or sellers.


The brand that you’ve placed the order with fulfills the order. You may reference brand rating stars to approximate their ship-out duration. The rating is only an estimate based on their previous orders fulfilled.

  • 5 stars: 2 or less days
  • 4 stars: 3 days
  • 3 stars: 4 days
  • 2 stars: 5 days
  • 1 star: 6 or more days


Shipping cost is finalize based on package weight, dimension, along with destination and shipping method. These may vary by each brand. The final invoice amount includes the final shipping fee along with the order amount.

Note: Local shipping within South Africa is handled by collivery.net For international shipping options, please call us at +2781-358-1478 because some of our sellers or vendors ship international and some don’t. All international orders are shipped by USPS or if another shipping agency is used, you will be notified of shipping details accordingly..


If you have any special shipping requests, please contact us immediately so that we may assist you or leave a comment for the brand when submitting the order. Some of these requests include:

  • Order to be shipped ASAP. (Items that are not available would be canceled and the available items would be shipped out to fulfill this request)
  • Call me if something is sold out. (This may result in a delay in your order processing/shipping. Please provide best contact information for timely shipping.)
  • Ship when all items become available. (We will only hold orders for a maximum of 5 business days. If you would like your order shipped at any time during the wait, please call us)
  • I want my items faster, ship them as soon as they become available. (We will ship items as soon as they become available. Additional shipping costs may incur for expedited shipping.)

* Shipping time frames are just estimates from the date of shipment rather than the date the order was placed. Delivery can be delayed due to mismatched information, invalid address, and other various causes.


If your order contained a mix of in-stock, sold-out, back-order or pre-order item, the in-stock items might ship immediately. If any item is back-order or pre-order these may send separately once available. However, the sold-out items will cancel.


Final invoice amount that includes shipping fee will charge to your credit card when the vendor is ready to ship out your order. If your card is declined at this time, you may open the invoice from My Account → Order Invoices History to change to a different card. Otherwise, we will try with the same card automatically for 3 consecutive days.

Once the charge to your credit card is complete, your order will ship out via the shipping method you’ve selected. You may find the tracking number for your order in My Account.


We require that our vendors send out your order either with insurance or with signature confirmation. All sales are final, and returns are only accepted if the item is damaged, defective, or the wrong product received. Each vendor has a different return policy. Please check with the brand(s) you purchased from for their return policy or contact MarketPlace Africa admin for assistance. You may email support@marketplaceafrica.co.za or call +2782 358 1478.

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