About us

Time to trade online with our own store.

MarketPlace Africa is a full service digital marketing platform with lots of potentials and tools to help users grow in their businesses.

MarketPlace Africa is a purely digital marketing platform conceptualized and created by Morgeez Media Agency. A division of Mor’geez Records cc. We are fully vested on the creation of media contents that are able to assist businesses in marketing strategies that engages their clients or customers.

Original Concept for MarketPlace Africa

The concept for Marketplace Africa was borne out of our desire to add value to your digital marketing strategy. We had hoped to assist your effort in digital marketing so  that your workload in this aspect of life which has become compulsory, do not take away your time for productivity in your businesses. Hence Marketplace Africa is your go-to platform for marketing your finished products or services for return on your investments.


MarketPlace Africa is a brainchild of Christopher Odiley, the founder and CEO of Mor’geez Records cc. The company takes pride in providing creative media agency services, talent sourcing and marketing concepts development.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to see an Africa where trade barriers are completely eliminated. Where manufacturers from across the continent have access to market. Most importantly, we aim to connect the Africa Market to the entire world.

Who We Represents and Serves?

We love brands, original brands. And we love having all original, authentic brands in our platform. 

From the small, creative service provider to the big goons, we welcome you all to MarketPlace Africa.

MarketPlace Africa
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