Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the best way to go in these days and times. Well-structured content marketing using the right tools is unbeatable when it comes to grabbing clients’ attention. Developing a marketing strategy that can works, can be tricky and a daunting task. From the concept development to production, then implementation, the MarketPlace Africa team is please to be of help.

Telling Your Story Accurately Through Creative Content Marketing

CEO Uses Exlainer Video

A creative explainer video by the CEO talking about what the company does, what products and services it offers including benefits to clients are a sure way to get into the hearts of your clients and expand your business base.

Time to Try Content Marketing

“Opportunity comes but once”, so the saying goes. So there, ca be no better time to get started than now. Join the MarketPlace Africa platform now. Get your products and services listed. Roll-out a marketing plan that will work wonders with the help of our creative team of marketing content producers.

Selling Through Blog

Telling great stories about your various products and services is key to a successful market presence. The team is capable of helping you create original products and service stories publishable in different media platforms.

Exhibitions and Conferences

Do you need the team to help you organise a powerful and effective product launch to introduce your new products range or to publicize existing products or services.  This method works well to get the word out there about your offerings.

Visual Presentations

One of the most effective marketing strategy and mediums is “Marketing Videos”. The MarketPlace Africa marketing strategists has partner with competent marketing video production companies to help our clients create and produce videos for this purpose. Contact us today.

Delivering the Promise of Content Marketing

Through Business Podcast

Just at the mention of “Podcast”, makes me smile with joy in my heart. This is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways of communicating with your audience and potential customers both online and offline. The team will help you produce series of business podcast and help you publish them too. Contact us today.

Products Reviews

Products reviews comes in different formats and mediums. Both with text contents carefully scripted to define your products and services or in audio formats as podcast interviews and conversations or in video format, demonstrating your products in from of camera in a well produced video contents manner. Get in touch today.

Media Placement

The right media placement practice can go a long way in exposing your products and services to the right audience. The MarketPlace Africa creative marketing team is here to assist with media buying on well-researched and effective platforms, placement and moderation to generate well-deserved results. We are here to help your growth.

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