A Unique Boutique Salon Enters MarketPlace Africa

True to type at MarketPlace Africa, your favorite online mall, we, Omone Boutique Salon, are the new entry into our growing list of businesses at the mall. We are a unique beauty business concept put together by our Managing director and businesswoman, Omone. The salon is more than just your normal hair salon. This is a beauty salon that caters to all your needs as it relates to your looks and styles no matter the occasion.

What does Omone Boutique Salon Offer?

“The services that we offer at the Omone Boutique Salon are spread across all facets of beauty and looks.” That’s the CEO of the business, Omone had briefly summarised it. 

Checking further, the long list of beauty services offered by Omone Boutique Salon includes:

  1. Wigs design and Wig Installations
  2. Hair Styling and Braidings
  3. Hair Bonding Styles
  4. Nail Bar with emphasis on modern and futuristic nail designs.
  5. Artist and Personal Makeups Artistry

The above spell out the core services provided by the Omone Boutique Salon and of which clients are able to place booking orders straight from the shop right here.

What Products does Omone Boutique Salon Offer as Retail to Clients?

Beyond the beauty services, clients can purchase related beauty and cosmetics products directly from Omone Boutique Salon. Below are among the long list of products available for sales directly to customers at Omone’s:

Makeup artist, Alexandra
Makeup artist, Alexandra
  1. The full product range of Avon Cosmetics and Beauty Products
  2. The full product range of Justine Cosmetics and Beauty Products
  3. Designers perfumes and colognes

Like they always say, “seeing is believing and the taste of the pudding is in the eating”, so also we say, at Omone Boutique Salon, “Your Beauty is Our Priority”. We recommend you book any of our services and come through for a proper and professional experience in beauty and make services.

As we look forward to seeing you, remember to share the news with friends and community members. We are open to respond to your inquiries anytime. Please check out our store and leave your comments below.


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