How to Setup a Secured and Trustworthy Online Business

Selling online these days has so many endpoints that a vendor or merchant has to tie together in other to be considered trustworthy. If you study the online marketplace now and going forward, the situations surrounding Selling are way different than perception. A slight example is that the fact that nearly all social media platforms have selling mechanisms makes it even worst. Making trading and selling online with trust more daisy than ever imagined.

How Effective is Sharing or Selling on Social Media?

The process of selling your products and services on social media comes with a different ball game. While some have some form of average trust level on this process, many have huge reservations when it comes to trust issues. This is mainly due to irregular activities peddled by many fake merchants which has casted doubt on the genuine ones.

Hence depending solely on this channel to operate your online business my prove contrary to your primary goal of success.

Looking at the Alternative

Basically, alternative to online business is offline. This has always been the norm since the beginning of times.

However, the world we are living in today, has switch more than 50% of our lives to activities dependent on online. This has made it easier for small to medium or large scale enterprises follow the switch in other to remain relevant in business. Hence the urgent need to build a solid and trustworthy online business.

How to Achieve a Solid and Trustworthy Online Business?

Selling online wouldn’t have been a difficult process except for the issue of trust. In this scenario,  “TRUST” is the keyword and apparently the fundamental thing to consider if you want to run a successful online business. This is why the mere effort of selling your products and services on social media alone may not just be enough nor even be your primary goal. These channels or platforms have been suggested to be helpful if used to advertise your online store or business but not as the selling points. 

So, even as you are now making up your mind to dedicate your time to making sure your online business works just as your offline shop with trust, there are two items you should be strongly consider. 

setup your online shop

1. Your Own Website:

This is quite as cool as it sounds right? Quite frankly,  everybody likes ownership of anything useful and meaningful.  Yes! Owning your own ecommerce website with your online store where you display your goods and services will be the very best solution. But the "But" here, is that of having the ability required to successfully run your own websites.  

These includes maintenance, security issues, transaction management and many other vital key operations issues that may be challenging to you. Not to forget the issue of precious time. I will deal with this in future posts. But all these put together, leads me to the next point below

2. Using MarketPlace Africa:

MarketPlace Africa is a multi vendor ecommerce platform. This means that it allows many traders, shop owners and businesses to setup their own online shop for them to sell their own products and services. Here, you only register as a vendor and create your shop. This is just as same process as renting a shop in the physical mall; then setting it up for business. As simple as that.
By renting a shop at MarketPlace Africa, you do not have to worry about security issues, maintenance and general administrative costs. Just setup your shop and add your products line for sale. That’s it.

In Conclusion:

So, if you are ready to participate in this new world of online business, safely and securely,  then MarketPlace Africa is the right place to be. Let me stop here for now. Meanwhile simply Signup as a vendor now and open your store and start selling immediately.  Good news is that if time is your problem, we can help you setup. Visit our seller assist program page to get help.

We appreciate your thoughts and comments. Leave them below! Thanks for reading. Now its time to take action. Peace!

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